Can you give yourself honour?

man-on-top-of-mountainCan you give yourself honour?  I believe you can.  And, I believe God told us to do that very thing.  He asked us to love each other as we love ourselves.  Does love exist without honour?  How could it?  The spelling of “honour” as it is here is a verb rather than a noun when spelled as “honor.”  In this spelling, “honour” is to keep an agreement; to meet an obligation.  So, that must mean there was an agreement created in the first place.  God created an agreement for us to love ourselves.  It is action.  Giving our self honour is part of loving ourselves.  It is part of keeping an agreement between us and God.  God actually wants you to love yourself.  He wants you to honour yourself.  He not only wants it, He has commanded it.  So, why do we disrespect ourselves?  Why do we think it’s God’s intention that we sacrifice ourselves for the good of everyone around us?  That is not what He wants or even commanded.

Baby Boomers, how are you treating yourself?  Are you loving yourself?  Are you giving yourself honour and respect?  I know you have a still small voice whispering to you to take care of yourself.  Take care of your body.  Take care of your mind.  And, I know you have another voice that tells you what difference does it make.  I’m old.  I don’t have much time.  What happens to your mind and spirit let alone your health when you think this way?  I watch bodies age and minds falter with this sort of thinking.  God is the God of the impossible.  I know you have heard that over and over.  Believe it.  Trust Him.  Abraham not only had a baby way up there in age where it was just impossible, but he had 6 more children with a second wife after Sarah died.  What?  What did Abraham think he was doing getting married again?  If you were Abraham and God had finally brought the big promise of a son to pass, wouldn’t you think “Yea, that’s it.  God did what he promised. My wife has passed and now my time must be close.”?  No.  He remarried.  That must mean he dated?  That he looked for a wife?  He was actually shopping for a wife?  She must have been amazing to come behind Sarah.  Abraham and Sarah had an amazing life and love affair.  Why would Abraham even dream of having another wife?  Simple.  He wasn’t finished living yet.  He didn’t spend his last years on earth planning to die.  He finished the race strong – living all the way to the end.  The Bible says he lived to a ripe old age.  A ripe old age.  Think about what that must mean.  When a piece a fruit ripens, it ages until it reaches it’s peak of nutrients and becomes everything it was designed to be.  I have never seen a fruit “ripen” then just sit there for days unchanging.  No, everything around us is either improving or declining.  Nothing remains unchanging.  What are you choosing to do?  Continue to ripen or slowly rot?  Take a look at these people and what they decided.

nat-geo-ripe-old-age-image How to Live To a Ripe Old Age (A National Geographic Story)

Abraham lived 48 years longer than Sarah.  I wonder if Sarah would have lived longer as well if she didn’t also have to battle societies suppression of women back then.  I wonder if she thought that God gave her the promised son and now she was finished.  I wonder if she could have had more children.  It makes you wonder.  Have we succumbed to that same idea?  The idea that God answered a big prayer, a big dream and that’s all we get.  He can add to the impossible just like He did for Abraham.  Answering the big dream of a son while he was old but the icing on the cake was another 6 children as he even became older – more impossible.

Your 80.  You’re at the end.  Everything you were supposed to do in life happened already.  There’s nothing ahead.  You have fulfilled your dreams, now get ready to die.  Hmmmm…..I believe you still have dreams in your heart.  I have seen it.  Stir up that fire.  Stir up that flame that burned and kept you pushing forward and gave you self-esteem, gave you fulfillment, made you know that your life was meaningful.  Go after your dreams.  Decide what do you really want?  Your 80 and you think you may be decrepit by 85.  Are you going to spend 5 years planning the one day that you will die?  It doesn’t take long to die.  And, what I have seen, the sooner you plan your death, the long drawn out process of “dying” begins and it begins much sooner.  When you decide to live your senior life and live it well all the way to the end, that “dying” process is very short and is prolonged.

Honour yourself by fanning the flame, following your dreams and living just like you did when you were in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  No need to listen to lies telling you to take years planning your end and that it is the responsible thing to do.  No, it’s not.  That is not the example God has shown us.  It is not His way.  Think about it.  Really?  God want’s you to focus on death while He has given you life?  You know the answer.  Now, go get what you want.  Don’t listen to the discouraging voices around you treating you like your old and about to die.  It’s your life.  Go live it!

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