Baby Boomers, you showed up to vote!

baby-boomers3I am so proud of you Boomers! You showed up to vote.  I was concerned that you might not.  With all the hype from the media about the Millennials, I was concerned you gave up.  You showed up and did it again.  You powered through and made a significant difference in this election.  You have been making history for years.  Don’t ever forget how important you are to this country.  Just because your grandchildren may be able to run circles around you in the tech world does not mean your expertise and knowledge is not just as valuable.   In fact, I dare say the Millennials, your grandchildren, need to hear some stories of times gone by.  What’s the saying?  History always repeats itself.  I believe the Millennials are good well intended young people.  However, they don’t know what really made this country great.  You and your parents, Baby Boomers, made this country what it is today.  Sure, we should be progressing and moving forward.  That’s what you Boomers did, you moved us forward in radical ways as well.  Boomer’s tell your grandchildren stories that made our country great and why you believe that way.  Hold your grandchildren’s hands and join forces with them.  Don’t fight against them like your parents fought against you when you were bucking the system ,when you were pushing forward in great ways.  Believe in your grandchildren and the Millennials.  Actually, Grandma and Grandpa Baby Boomers, they are little mini me’s of you at that age, right?

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