So, you’re 80. Have you quit?

shania twain that dont impress meSo your 80.  That don’t impress me much……..

But have you got the moves and have you got the touch…… as Shania Twain would say.  Seriously, so your 76 or 86. You had the moves and you had the touch, right?  What made you think you lost it?  Come on, let’s go!  What are you doing?  How do you spend your days?  Have you thought about your next trip? Are you just living wondering what’s next?  Why?!  Did you think this way when you were 46 or even 66?  So, why are you thinking like this now?  No plans.  No hope.  No ambition for the work you need to do.  Stop it right now!  So you need help.  Big deal.  Just because you need help does not make you any less capable in this world to become and do what you were meant to do.  Really!  As Baby boomers you took the world by storm.  You know you did.  You didn’t sit on the side lines and accept the world as it was.  You were game changers.  You took what your parents had given us – a free country with all the possibilities of prosperity and freedom.  You took vanilla and chocolate ice cream and said, no.  That wasn’t good enough.  Let’s have 31 flavors.  You took everything your parents had and increased it.  Why are you stopping now?  Just because you need help with little things here and there?  You still have your mind and your ambition.  Even if you forget things.  Who cares.  You still have ideas, creativity, drive, and grit.  You were not meant to sit on the sidelines and watch your children or even your grandchildren take over.  Get out of that rocking chair and get going!  What’s the first step?  Do you have a trip planned?  Get that done.  You can still go out on that bus and ride through Ireland.  How, you ask?  With help.  There is nothing wrong with having help.  Scratch your brain and figure out who can help you.  Take a family member and give them the gift of helping you.  Or, hire someone.  I bet you know someone who would love to go and for them it would be the chance of a lifetime to see the world.  What else?  What are you going to do today to start living and living well?!  I bet you can volunteer.  You know how busy your children are at their work places.  Have your friends over to create that after school club that is so needed for busy parents.  Start an after school supper club where you feed children and interact with them while they wait for parents to come home.  You know how many young people want to know the old ways?  They want to know how to play Bridge.  They want to know how to knit and crochet.  You know how many shop teachers could have young people after school with your help teaching wood working or metalsmithing.  I bet many students can’t enroll in these classes because of other demands but would jump at the chance to do it in the evening or the weekends.  You get the point.  Stop rocking back and forth in your rocking chair, throwing your hands up and saying I don’t know what’s wrong with this world anymore.  Jump in and get dirty again.  Make a difference.  You did it for all of us and now we need you to do it again.

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