Remember the good ol’ days of going to your insurance agent and she/he took care of you?

My Car after hitting 1000 lbs of hay at 60 miles per hour. Not too bad, right? God is good!
My Car after hitting 1000 lbs of hay at 60 miles per hour. Not too bad, right? God is good!

I had a half-ton bale of hay come straight at me while both the truck in which it flew off of and my vehicle were both going 60 miles an hour.  God sent angels to intervene and all is well.  My Chevy is just beat up a bit.  But, what got my attention more than 1000 lbs. of hay coming at me was the way my insurance company handled the claim.  “Here you go, this is the number you need to call to start the claim process.”  “What?” I ask.  “I don’t understand.  I thought, when you had an agent, you got to sit down at their desk and they would fight the battle of reporting.  Isn’t that why I don’t buy Geico, or that insurance with the funny lady who does great commercials?  I want an agent to give me some TLC.”  She looked at me apologetically, “No, here’s the number and we are so sorry.  That’s how they want us to do it now.”  Ok.  I come to grips life is not like the television commercial with the cute insurance agent who suddenly appears and takes care of you.  I stand up, walk out of the office, get on my cell phone and call the number.  As I am put through a series of push this for this and push that for that, I am thinking the entire time how do seniors get through this.  I know so many seniors who would need help through this process.  I need help through this process.  The series of questions looped and was stuck.  I had to dial the number over again even though I tried the trick where you just keep pushing zero over and over again to get an agent.  I could go on with the amazing gauntlet of mishaps the call center was having through this process for the last several days.  But, that’s not why I am writing this story.  I simply am standing up for the seniors saying “Wait, a minute.”  How senior friendly are our businesses?

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  1. Valerie Casias says:

    Wonderful! Reminiscent of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion or Andy Griffith.. days gone by!

    1. That is a compliment worthy to note. Thank you!

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