Day One with the Elders at Our Lady Hospice Thigio

Our Lady Hospice Thigio has such a nice space for the Elders and those who have a life limiting illness.  The caregivers are top notch.  The housekeepers are incredible.  Then there is the amazing Sister.  She runs a tight ship with a heart of gold bragging and lifting up her staff as the reason everything is spot on!

The gentleman in the hat is 102!  Sister Eileen told me he could out eat the both of us.  🙂

13230670_10208113245982124_511764759_o 13234757_10208113244942098_1821799527_o 13223439_10208113244462086_1255205454_o 13262393_10208113244222080_1730002577_o (1) 13225044_1169960436388889_495044594_o (1)  I loved these girls!  So kind!  We got to the site at 9:30 a.m.  Those of you in long term care understand just how hard everyone must have worked preparing for our arrival.  Everyone was up, cozy in their blankets, eating their breakfast and the place did not have one bit of odor.

13271990_1170622929655973_1248114662_o  This woman and I hit it off.  As I was bent down talking to the gentleman who is 102, there was a woman who was sitting next to him listening. I was telling the gentleman “Way to go” and “Keep at it, Never give up!” She looked at me and asked “Why?” I got it. Her and I connected. I told her because this man needs you. Her eyes lit up. She nodded her head yes and said “Yes, he does.” I told her how she’s needed. The Elders needed her. The staff needed her. So, we took a selfie. It was great! Don’t we all need to be told we are needed? Don’t we all need to know we still make a difference? Don’t we all need to smile, be a little goofy and have some fun!

13223585_1170339313017668_1860525932_o 13262334_1170340963017503_452946691_o Here are some pictures of the working parts behind the scenes.  Here is the kitchen with a separate baking room.13230810_1170630679655198_1071393985_oThe resident rooms.  You can see how bright and clean.  Also, note the lift at the end of the bed.

13262545_1170630722988527_1963169780_oOk.  Really?  How do the staff help the Elders use this potty?  Incredible.  Maybe too much information but I know when I used it, it was not easy and wow, did I miss the hole.  Sheesh!

13271739_1170631082988491_641173550_oHere is the exam room.

13234551_1170630812988518_536196891_oLast but not least.  There she goes.  Sister Eileen on a mission.  She is one incredible woman.  It was a pleasure to have met her!


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