Day One continued: Our Lady Hospice Children’s Program

Our Lady Hospice Thigio has a primary school with these cutie pies. Oh, my goodness! They sang a song for us. This classroom is right next to the nursing home on a beautiful compound of trees, flowers, and buildings. It is also next to where the elders from the community come and hang out with each other (what we call adult daycare).

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This video below is a special needs classroom.  When we arrived to the community, one of the caregivers was pushing these children up a hill to the classroom.  These children come from the community.  The families share in the cost of transportation.  A Physical Therapist is on site that works with these children and the Elderly.  He also has babies coming for outpatient therapy.  The Elders that come from the community (I’ll be posting them soon) do their exercises and he leads the class.  As we were talking to this educator she expressed how much they need Speech Therapy.  In fact, Speech Therapy was the only expression of need that they mentioned.


They also have a classroom with older children with challenges.  This young lady and gentleman (entire classroom, actually) were putting beads together.  Her giggle was so cute.  She thought I was so funny.  The youngman in the background with the young lady was just watching me with that look I recognize from my teenagers back in the day.  The one all you educators and parents know….what the world is this lady doing…..she is so goofy.

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This youngman was in a standing apparatus coloring away.  I loved holding his hand.  He and I did not want to let go of each other.

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The gentleman pictured below now works at the community taking care of the grounds.  He is a graduate of their program.



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