To be honest I am a rookie at blogging…..

I’m a rookie at blogging but this is an awesome way to share some stories about “stuff” with older folks. I’m at the Argentum Conference in Denver where people who care for the elderly from all over the country have come together.  I was at a session today – “Dying better in America” moderated by Bill Novelli Professor from Georgetown University.   At the end of his talk, he asked what could we do to help people understand the need to prepare and talk about how they would like to die.  There were lots of ideas from those of us who do this all day long…..who have talks with families and elders who are at that moment when decisions need to be made.  As I sat there, the thought that came to me was to tell stories.  Stories are so effective.  They are what people remember and what they learn from easily and simply.  In my experience, each person has a way/path that they will take.  It is so different for each person and family.  And, yet, as it unfolds in front of your eyes, you can see.  You can see where to walk beside them.  You can see how it was meant to be for them and their unique family and personal situation.  I have a friend who is a nurse who put it beautifully.  “We must walk beside them, not behind and not ahead.”  So, true……not leading or pushing our opinions and not loosing them but rather beside them holding and supporting as the story unfolds.  The story that was meant for them.  Well, that’s what you’ll see here – stories from others.  Stories.  Stories to spur conversation.  Stories to invoke understanding.

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